I write because …

This is my first Writing 101 challenge of November.

So why do I write?

I started blogging here about two years ago. I just felt like, as an ESL learner, it could make me confident in writing in English. I was recommended to blog by one of my English teachers. I was taking online English conversation lessons, and I thought blog entries would be a good conversation starter too. So, those were the reasons why I started blogging in the first place.

Now I’m starting again. Why? I need some push to get myself back in the writing habit. I’m thinking about studying English Literature a bit more seriously at an online university. I will need some academic writing skills in English.

I love writing in general too. When I was blogging here,  writing itself thrilled me. I always believe writing makes us think more and deeply. Writing something is finding something new within ourselves.

Besides, I always wanted to write fiction. From I don’t know when, I was almost always making stories. I’m currently taking Oxford University’s Critical Reading course online and starting to wonder if I should take Creative Writing next.
2015 has been a tough year to me so far. I think I have many to talk about, both good and new. I’m not sure I will write about the latter here, but I hope to tell you what I was doing while I wasn’t writing in my later entries. So, now I can say “I’m back!” at last!

Happy blogging! 😉


One thought on “I write because …

  1. A good start. I like the bit about writing making you think more deeply and finding something new within ourselves. Maybe I will do the writing course sometime in the future too.

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