Botan, tree peony, the king of flowers

It’s my neighbor’s garden. I’ve never known anywhere tree peonies are so great like in that garden. They are now in full-bloom.


It’s called Botan, 牡丹, in Japan. Tree peony. It was honored as king of flowers in the ancient China. Kao, 花王, in Japanese. The fragrance of the flowers is also noble.













10 thoughts on “Botan, tree peony, the king of flowers

    • Thanks. 🙂 Taking some photos of those tree peonies is one of the things I’m determined to do at this time of year. I’m so glad that this year’s are one of the best. A hard rain can easily ruin the delicate flowers.

      Now I can be a bit more okay with the expecting rain on the weekend for the azaleas in the neighborhood temple’s garden.

  1. Beautiful pictures! My step-mom has peonys that her father planted in her garden. Her garden is my garden. I’ve done a lot of tending to it over the years. She prefers silk flowers, and insists we burry her where her collection of silk flowers can go to good use when she dies! The only trouble I ever had with the peonys is making room for the smaller flowers 🙂

    • Thanks. 🙂
      Yeah, it requires a lot of space. For both soil and sunlight. My father tends to plant too many and too near each other.

      As for the peony in the photos, a great-great-and-more grandmother several generations ago brought the tree to that family. The current head of the family, who himself had married into it, is very skilled in farming and gardening, so the current condition is mostly due to his expertise.

    • Hi Livingdaylightz,

      Thank you for your comment! Yeah, I know I’m very fortunate.

      By the way, you don’t know my excitement when I stepped on your website yesterday. I read Nansoh Satomi Hakkenden for my graduation thesis when I was a university student decades ago! I even fansied introducing Hakkenden to the English speaking world once like you.

      Well, this is going to be very long for a reply. I was going to email you. Thanks a lot!

      • Thank you so much for following the blog! It’s thrilling to meet another Hakkenden enthusiast. You studied it at university then. Cool. You must have a lot to teach me.

        A nice reply can never be too long. I appreciate it.

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