Halloween with Literature, especially Tolkien’s

If any of you happen to have time at 10:00 am to 10:00 pm ET on Halloween and have some interest in Tolkien’s books such as The Hobbit, Letters from Father Christmas, and Silmarillion; writing flash fiction; and/or Literature in Halloween, please consider spending a little while of your holiday time online at Signum University/Mythgard Academy’s Fundraising Webathon. The seat is free, but limited.


Reading Summer!

Today’s Daily Prompt doesn’t inspire me very much, so I’m just wondering what to write. A group of my fellow Japanese learners of English, and other foreign languages, are having a hash-tag event on Twitter every summer, this year starting next Monday. The period of the event is based on the summer recess of the most of Japanese public schools, approximately from July 20th to the end of August. Participants declare, as they like, their goals, learning materials to work on, or how they’re going to work hard, like how many hours, pages to read, or sentences to practice.

I’m joining them too, as I did for the past few summers. I’m still considering specific plans, but mine will be surely, mostly about reading, and fantasy. I’ll be reading a lot and I hope to write a review, even a very brief one, to each book of my “read” list on Goodreads.

I’m back! Or I hope I can say so.

I decided to keep writing, every day hopefully, again here. And I feel I need to write a bit more about myself. Or what I’m doing lately, at least, or what I’m trying to do.


I still have long way to go to read my stacks and piles of books. Physical ones and ebooks. I’m currently on the way of reading and re-reading my favorite writers books like Tanith Lee and lots of others. I’m also interested in writing in general, and very much so in writing fantasy. So, I’m reading Tolkien’s books behind The Lord of the Rings and listening to the online lectures of  The Tolkien Professor. I’m trying to catch up with them, actually. It requires some reading too.





A new course on Writing Fiction

As I think I wrote before, I love learning in general and I started taking Mooc courses late last year.


I’m not a native speaker of English and I had been away from English for years until a few years ago. So, believe me, those assignments are still so scary for me, even if I’m just taking them for fun.


Today, a new and very interesting course has started.


Start writing fiction / The Open University / FutureLearn



The students are going to learn how to create characters. Doesn’t that sound interesting? I always loved daydreaming, and wanted to become a writer when I was younger. But I’ve never been good at developing details of the story and characters. Besides, the course would be fun.