Halloween with Literature, especially Tolkien’s

If any of you happen to have time at 10:00 am to 10:00 pm ET on Halloween and have some interest in Tolkien’s books such as The Hobbit, Letters from Father Christmas, and Silmarillion; writing flash fiction; and/or Literature in Halloween, please consider spending a little while of your holiday time online at Signum University/Mythgard Academy’s Fundraising Webathon. The seat is free, but limited.


Mythgard Academy Fundraising Campaign 2014, only 10 days left! Tolkien fans! SciFi and Fantasy fans!

Fantasy and Science Fiction fans, Tolkien fans and Inkling fans!

Only ten days left to support Mythgard Academy fundraising campaign 2014. Support free online courses on books from SciFi and Fantasy genre. This year’s donations surpassed their earlier goals and they are after bigger ones. Just check their website.


The last course of this year is on Watership Down, and it’s starting next Wednesday.

And the webathon was also announced. It’s on Nov. 8. They are featuring DoctorWho, Inklings and The Hobbit films.


Donate for free , online Fantasy and Science Fiction courses!

I think I already talked often about this online institute and its courses and The Tolkien Professor and his podcast.




They are just doing their cloud funding for the next year’s free courses. I think theirs is kind of special in the sense that their subjects are fantasy and science fiction, and like all geeky.

So, I’d like you to consider any support you can do to it. You can donate to fund free fantasy and science fiction courses online taught by The Tolkien Professor at Mythgard Academy. Just spreading the word can be helpful.


For every USD you donate, you can get one vote for the book to discuss in their next free Mythgard Academy course. If you make a one-time donation of 100 USD or a monthly 8.34 USD donation, you become a member of their council to be in the book nominating process.

Mythgard Academy past classes.


You can also help make geeky literature study more affordable at their Mythgard Institute.



The Tolkien Professor website.


The Tolkien Professor, Corey Olsen talks for his cause.


Again, this is their fundraising page.


Lewis & Tolkien Course!

I enrolled in the course I mentioned a few days ago. Yeah, I did!

Mythgard Institute’s on of Fall 2014 course, Lewis & Tolkien, taught by Professor Corey Olsen

As an auditor, of course. I’m kind of overwhelmed with the reading. There are several books I haven’t read, and I started reading Lewis’s “On Stories” and “Till We Have Faces”. I remember I liked “Perelandra” in translation when I was in college, and almost cursed myself for not majoring in English literature. I’m not sure I have enough time to read it in English by the start of the course. I still need to read two books from The History of Middle-Earth series, which seems hopeless. Well, at least I thank myself for the foresight to buy the whole HoME books a bit earlier this month, anyway.

I’m back! Or I hope I can say so.

I decided to keep writing, every day hopefully, again here. And I feel I need to write a bit more about myself. Or what I’m doing lately, at least, or what I’m trying to do.


I still have long way to go to read my stacks and piles of books. Physical ones and ebooks. I’m currently on the way of reading and re-reading my favorite writers books like Tanith Lee and lots of others. I’m also interested in writing in general, and very much so in writing fantasy. So, I’m reading Tolkien’s books behind The Lord of the Rings and listening to the online lectures of  The Tolkien Professor. I’m trying to catch up with them, actually. It requires some reading too.