Halloween with Literature, especially Tolkien’s

If any of you happen to have time at 10:00 am to 10:00 pm ET on Halloween and have some interest in Tolkien’s books such as The Hobbit, Letters from Father Christmas, and Silmarillion; writing flash fiction; and/or Literature in Halloween, please consider spending a little while of your holiday time online at Signum University/Mythgard Academy’s Fundraising Webathon. The seat is free, but limited.


A Book Review: The Leopard Vanguard (The Leopard King Saga 1), T.A. Uner


The Leopard Vanguard, Tome One of The Leopard King Saga

By T.A. Uner

Amazon link http://amzn.com/B00EP6SODU

The author’s website.  http://leopardkingsaga.com

A Centurion of the Roman army, Tullus’ life has changed after he rescued Tribune Norbanus in the battle and was offered a luxurious  position in the Praetorian Guard in the capital: entangled in the Imperial politics, falling in love with a Senate’s daughter, and the most dangerous secret of the Empire.

*The author gave me earlier a digital copy for an honest review. I had many things to be done at that time, and couldn’t start reading it for a while. The patient author kindly sent me a revised version. So I feel obliged to write honestly.

Overall, I enjoyed the book, though in a different way I had expected. The book is full of adventure.

Actually, I didn’t like the sex part. Well, I often feel the same even reading GRRM, so it might be okay with others. I also noticed some repetitious words and similar descriptions that don’t sound sophisticated.

I liked the supernatural creatures, and I enjoyed the parts like “The unexpected victory is always the sweetest”. I mostly hated the antagonist, but he also seems to have some secrets that might be revealed in the later volumes. I like to know more about “the golds”. But, unfortunately, it wasn’t convincing enough to make me buy the second book.

That said, I checked Amazon for details for this review, and found that I can read the second volume for free with Amazon prime. So my impression might change if I read the tome two later.

Mythgard Academy Fundraising Campaign 2014, only 10 days left! Tolkien fans! SciFi and Fantasy fans!

Fantasy and Science Fiction fans, Tolkien fans and Inkling fans!

Only ten days left to support Mythgard Academy fundraising campaign 2014. Support free online courses on books from SciFi and Fantasy genre. This year’s donations surpassed their earlier goals and they are after bigger ones. Just check their website.


The last course of this year is on Watership Down, and it’s starting next Wednesday.

And the webathon was also announced. It’s on Nov. 8. They are featuring DoctorWho, Inklings and The Hobbit films.


Donate for free , online Fantasy and Science Fiction courses!

I think I already talked often about this online institute and its courses and The Tolkien Professor and his podcast.




They are just doing their cloud funding for the next year’s free courses. I think theirs is kind of special in the sense that their subjects are fantasy and science fiction, and like all geeky.

So, I’d like you to consider any support you can do to it. You can donate to fund free fantasy and science fiction courses online taught by The Tolkien Professor at Mythgard Academy. Just spreading the word can be helpful.


For every USD you donate, you can get one vote for the book to discuss in their next free Mythgard Academy course. If you make a one-time donation of 100 USD or a monthly 8.34 USD donation, you become a member of their council to be in the book nominating process.

Mythgard Academy past classes.


You can also help make geeky literature study more affordable at their Mythgard Institute.



The Tolkien Professor website.


The Tolkien Professor, Corey Olsen talks for his cause.


Again, this is their fundraising page.



The online course I’ve been looking forward to is starting tomorrow. Well, is it already today in U.S.? At least it’s tomorrow for me. It’s on C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien! For this course alone, I’ve been busy reading lots of books for the past month. Reading them still, I mean. Just reading and re-reading those books is very inspiring. I’m an auditor this time but, I hope to be good enough to apply to their MA program in the near future.


A true, girl, fantasy bookworm from a thousand years ago in Japan!

I found today someone on Twitter mentioning Sugawara Takasue’s Daughter who wrote a fascinating diary about her reading life. Some Otaku girls now call her the earliest ancestor of Otaku girls.

Sarashina Nikki(diary)


“Her memoirs start with her childhood days, when she delighted in reading tales, and prayed to be able to read the Tale of Genji from beginning to end. She records her joy when presented with a complete copy, and how she dreamed of living a romance like those described in it. When her life does not turn out as well as she had hoped, she blames her addiction to tales, which made her live in a fantasy world and neglect her spiritual growth. These records are impressive memories of Lady Sarashinas travel and dreams, and of her day-to-day life.” (from the Wiki page above)


Sugawara Takasue’s daughter



Well, I can’t blame her! Who can? 😀

A small wish!

I’m still busy reading the books required for the course I’m taking this fall. Well, I’m rather pressured, but I also found it interesting to read the essays on stories by Lewis and Tolkien’s The Lost Road and The Notion Club Papers.

Still so many pages to read and re-read.

And then I received a book I had pre-ordered.

Red As Blood: Tales from the Sisters Grimmer (Expanded Edition)
by Tanith Lee
Link: http://amzn.com/1434442462

Oh, now I’m getting frustrated again. I want to read faster!