Making it Through NaBloPoMo

a great way to keep you blogging. I hope it works for me this time.

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It’s almost November, the biggest month of the year for daily writing and blogging challenges — you know, the ones with names that sound like chemical formulas. There’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), National Non-Fiction Writing Month (NaNonFiWriMo), National Playwriting Month (NaPlWriMo), a month-long drawing challenge, (NaNoDrawMo), and their blogging counterpart, National Blog Posting Month, or NaBloPoMo.

nablopomo_heroNaBloPoMo challenges you to publish a blog post every single day in November. There’s a huge community of participating bloggers, and the event’s organizers, BlogHer, maintain a blogroll and offer support, motivation, and prizes. It’s a great way to meet new bloggers, create a blogging habit, and try new things…

… but we know it’s daunting, and the excitement of Day One seems to wane a bit by Day Seventeen. That’s what we’re here for! The post ideas, resources, and tips below will…

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November in BU: Registration is Open!

I’ve registered for writing 101 and blogging 101 to push me back to writing.

The Daily Post

Get your new blog off the ground, give daily writing practice a try, or push your blog’s design to the next level with one of November’s courses: Blogging 101: Zero to Hero, Writing 101: Finding Everyday Inspiration, and Blogging 201: Intermediate Customization.

Blogging 101: Zero to Hero runs from Monday, November 2nd to Friday, November 20th, and gives you one new task each day to help you publish, customize your blog, and engage with the blogging community. Learn more.

Writing 101: Finding Everyday Inspiration runs from Monday, November 2nd to Friday, November 27th, and helps you cultivate a daily writing habit while finding fresh inspiration in unexpected places. Learn more.

Want to take things further with custom CSS? A Blogging 301: Advanced Customization course is in the works!

Blogging 201: Intermediate Customization runs from Monday, November 2nd to Friday, November 13th, and takes…

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Creative Writing Contest! Submit and Vote!

Ekphrasis: Allentown's Fellowship of Christians in the Arts

Power of WordsDear Creative Writers and lovers of fantasy, mystery, and speculative fiction! I am happy to announce Signum University’s “Almost an Inkling” Creative Writing Contest!!

Are you a writer?
Many readers of classic literature, fantasy, and speculative fiction find that writing is contagious: they want to write like their favorite authors! If this desire is burning in you, here is your outlet: Signum University’s first creative writing contest! Pick up your pen, pencil, laptop, stylus, quill, parchment, or papyrus, and write like J.R.R. Tolkien—but in a hobbit-sized story.

Flash Fiction
Cotton_Harlequin_BugsThis contest calls for submissions of TINY original works. We are looking for creative, imaginative, wild, well-crafted pieces of what William Nelles calls “microfiction,” “flash fiction,” “sudden fiction,” “minute stories,” “short-shorts,” or what Luisa Valenzuela calls “iridescent insects.” These miniature works of fiction showcase writers’ skills in a microcosm, calling for deft handling of character, plot, action, and description in a…

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The Jedi, the Cowboy, and… Thomas Edison?: Pulp Science Fiction and Star Wars

To whom it may concern.

The Oddest Inkling

MythgardBadge_300x90You are invited to a free online lecture by Mythgard professor Amy Sturgis. Register here.

The lecture is entitled “The Jedi, the Cowboy, and… Thomas Edison?: Pulp Science Fiction and Star Wars.”

SYNOPSIS: What images come to mind when you think of Star Wars? Luke Skywalker watching the twin suns set on Tatooine? Princess Leia with a blaster in her hand and buns on her head? The glow of a lightsaber in the darkness? These visuals convey volumes, and they spring in part from a common origin.One of the keys to the worldwide success of Star Wars is that the saga draws from a variety of global sources, both classical and contemporary. Join Dr. Amy H. Sturgis as she discusses one particular tradition that has left its indelible imprint on the Star Wars franchise. How did pulp science fiction evolve? What is the relationship between this genre and…

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A Book Review: I, Mars (Mindcop Dossiers: Book 2), by T.A. Uner

I, Mars (Mindcop Dossiers: Book 2)
By T.A. Uner
Amazon link
The author’s website

*I got an ebook copy of this book from the author in return of an honest review. Thanks, T.A.

I liked this book better the first one, although it might be a series effect or something. The book 1 was more like a pilot, and the readers could get just a glimpse. In this book, stories are moving faster.

Slow Fly’s are very creepy, but I think the author is great at shaping bad guys.

I also liked the afterword “Imagination”.


One more book review, a quick one: Doctor Mars (Mindcop Dossiers 1), T.A. Uner

Doctor Mars (Mindcop Dossiers: Book 1)

By T.A. Uner

Amazon link

The author’s website

A quick review for a quick read. I read this book with my Kindle Owner Library for free.

It was a fun read that can be read really quickly. I like some of the concepts  in the story that appeared kind of new to me, or at least with new twists.

I found only one thing kind of unfortunate. Only one sentence sloppily sounded like someone in this very present is telling the story explaining something in the future with reminding us of a similar thing in this era. That suddenly got me back to the present.

I understand it always happens to science fiction stories and it would be a challenge to make a story convincing enough. But I think It’s kind of awkward if the contemporary readers notice one not the readers in the future.

A Book Review: The Leopard Vanguard (The Leopard King Saga 1), T.A. Uner


The Leopard Vanguard, Tome One of The Leopard King Saga

By T.A. Uner

Amazon link

The author’s website.

A Centurion of the Roman army, Tullus’ life has changed after he rescued Tribune Norbanus in the battle and was offered a luxurious  position in the Praetorian Guard in the capital: entangled in the Imperial politics, falling in love with a Senate’s daughter, and the most dangerous secret of the Empire.

*The author gave me earlier a digital copy for an honest review. I had many things to be done at that time, and couldn’t start reading it for a while. The patient author kindly sent me a revised version. So I feel obliged to write honestly.

Overall, I enjoyed the book, though in a different way I had expected. The book is full of adventure.

Actually, I didn’t like the sex part. Well, I often feel the same even reading GRRM, so it might be okay with others. I also noticed some repetitious words and similar descriptions that don’t sound sophisticated.

I liked the supernatural creatures, and I enjoyed the parts like “The unexpected victory is always the sweetest”. I mostly hated the antagonist, but he also seems to have some secrets that might be revealed in the later volumes. I like to know more about “the golds”. But, unfortunately, it wasn’t convincing enough to make me buy the second book.

That said, I checked Amazon for details for this review, and found that I can read the second volume for free with Amazon prime. So my impression might change if I read the tome two later.