Donate for free , online Fantasy and Science Fiction courses!

I think I already talked often about this online institute and its courses and The Tolkien Professor and his podcast.

They are just doing their cloud funding for the next year’s free courses. I think theirs is kind of special in the sense that their subjects are fantasy and science fiction, and like all geeky.

So, I’d like you to consider any support you can do to it. You can donate to fund free fantasy and science fiction courses online taught by The Tolkien Professor at Mythgard Academy. Just spreading the word can be helpful.

For every USD you donate, you can get one vote for the book to discuss in their next free Mythgard Academy course. If you make a one-time donation of 100 USD or a monthly 8.34 USD donation, you become a member of their council to be in the book nominating process.

Mythgard Academy past classes.

You can also help make geeky literature study more affordable at their Mythgard Institute.

The Tolkien Professor website.

The Tolkien Professor, Corey Olsen talks for his cause.

Again, this is their fundraising page.


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