A Book Memory

I wrote the first version of this for my another blog at a language learners’ community for Japanese. I keep an English diary there to improve my writing skills and to just talk to my friends. After I posted it, I felt the topic must be something some of you here have in common with me. Sorry it’s so short.

I turned on my another kindle reader for reading in Japanese, maybe for the first time in a year or so. I saw recently on twitter one of my favorite books in my school days were just becoming available at Kindle store. And I downloaded it last night and dared to talk of my excitement to the author on twitter! lol Well, I needed to recharge my kindle first this morning. I only read some pages but that was almost enough to bring back so many memories. I was shocked I could almost recite the first few paragraphs. Each of my favorite books has its own voice(s) and talking to me.


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