The Art of the Japanese Sword Book Giveaway

I rather want this book personally. And it’s expensive. But I’m Japanese and I believe people outside Japan should have the chance. So, I give you this reblog. Very grudgingly! 😀


The Art of The Japanese Sword

I’ve been contacted by businesses before, PR people who wanted me to do write ups. Until now I’ve turned them all down. I write this site, but I also write other things for money. I’m not about to give up my time–to be read as: money–to write something without good reason. But by sheer luck, or diabolical design, Tuttle Publishing asked if I wanted to do a book review for a book I already had. It was a good book, one I would recommend to anyone interested in Japanese swords. More importantly, Tuttle wanted to do a giveaway through IntrovertJapan. And if I can give my readers a chance to get a free copy of a good book, I’m game.

So this week is a book review. And if The Art of the Japanese Sword: The Craft of Swordmaking and Its Appreciation is something you think you want to…

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