Free Friday: Vocabulary Lesson

Today I had my supper a bit late, and am getting sleepy already. So I give you this fun and learning-English reblog from a ESL teacher, Jennifer’s entry tonight.

Today’s idiom, though I already knew it, is my favorite, or something, I guess, I’m always saying. You know, I have always tooooooooooooo much on my plate. 😀

Thanks, Jennifer. Happy learning!

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As if I don’t have enough on my plate as it is, I’ve decided to re-introduce a weekly component of the blog and add “Free Friday,” in which I will be uploading some free lessons. I already post learning resources and opportunities as it is; however, this has a fun name!

First, did you notice my idiom related to food in the first sentence? “to have enough on my plate” is an idiom that means, I already have a lot going on, or I am already pretty busy. You will change the pronoun “my” to reflect the correct person (his, her, their, our, etc), and you can replace ‘enough’ with other words like: a lot, so much, etc…  OR, you can use it the opposite way and say, “I don’t have a lot on my plate.” This would mean you’re not busy at all!

This week includes a vocabulary lesson…

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