Funding: Ukiyo-e Research Grant

What can I do with a B.A. in Japanese Studies?

money-150-2Ota Memorial Museum of Art opens competition for one or two grant(s) up to 1 million yen for research on ukiyo-e. Deadline: October 31, 2014.

<Purpose and Objects of Grant>

Ukiyo-e developed independently of the existing Japanese art styles during the Edo period, and soon established itself as the art style of the ordinary people. it is widely known that its original way of expression, coloration and its high-level technique of woodcut had a significant influence on contemporary European painting. Ukiyo-e has been highly praised internationally, and studied both at home and abroad.

As the museum specializing in ukiyo-e, we have been offering grant for budding ukiyo-e researchers for many years and it counts the 31st times this year.

Anyone who is interested in ukiyo-e can apply for this grant.

<Procedure of application>

1. Application form(←Please click here)

Please send the application form according to the standard format by…

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