Winter Is Coming!: The Winter Players, by Tanith Lee, long out of print, is going digital!

Winter is coming, my fellow Tanith Lee fans! And all fantasy readers! No, I’m not talking about Game of Thrones here. The Winter Players by Tanith Lee, long out of print, is going digital!

I have long felt so pressured to read Tolkien as an epic-fantasy fan. But I also feel somewhere deep in my mind, and I hope you don’t get it a kind of offense, that I can’t believe in fantasy readers, especially dark or women’s fantasy readers who haven’t read even one book by Tanith Lee.

As I wrote here before, I’ve been entering Tanith Lee’s name in the search box at for her kindle books since late last year.

At the end of last month three titles of Tanith Lee’s out of print books including my other early favorites became available at Kindle store. I’m currently reading “The Castle of Dark”. And then, I just found today that seven more ebooks are coming on July 31. It’s the best time for you to start reading or re-reading Tanith Lee. Don’t miss already available Flat Earth series.

The Winter Players by Tanith Lee

“The Winter Players” is one of my earliest Tanith Lee books, “The Castle of Dark” included, and definitely my favorite. Oaive is my first priestess in Western fantasy. It has an earlier motif of Narasen and Issak story in “Death’s Master” in some sense. I hate their price for ebooks of Tanith Lee, especially for these very short novels, but it’s worth considering!


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