Streets – West vs East

This post is a slap on my face. We should feel at least this pain often enough to start doing something even small.

As a Japanese, as a dog lover, and as one who used to have a dog, sometimes dogs, family member, I understand our feeling for pet animals. I believe our responsibility for them is a cost for us humans who presumptuously own an animal as a “pet”. I just don’t think we can do to them as we want to, and from some of our faith, I don’t believe any god favors us enough to give the right over animals and the nature like that. I also admit I often feel kind of allergic to the so-called “pet” boom in my country. Maybe I also envy the people who can keep their pet while I can’t in some reason.

The things we are currently doing to our fellow humans make us feel we are worse than animals. I generally hate this phrase, worse than an animal or worse than a beast. I feel sorry for them for that words. It’s not their fault that we are behaving badly.

We just need to open our eyes to what is happening in other countries, to our fellow humans, even if our hands look small and our voices sound small. Hope our difference, and similarity too, is to appreciate each other and unite us, not to divide us.

Dreams to Reality !

As an internet user, and if you use social medias like Facebook , twitter, blogs etc. you must have seen many news, videos, documentaries and touchy ad’s on pets, animals rescue, safety and awwwww it fill my eyes with tears kind of stuff. Internet is full of such stories and yes they are nice and touchy enough.

Yes, they fill my eyes with tears too, but the reason is not only rescuing a poor and sick animal but also because of fact that western society is busy in loving animals and here in Pakistan, what are we doing? We have humans here who are suffering like those animals and they even die on roads, but no one bother to feel anything. Where the other societies are having hundreds of organizations and societies for animals rescue, we don’t even have enough human’s right societies.

Animals on western streets are more secure…

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