I’m back! Or I hope I can say so.

I decided to keep writing, every day hopefully, again here. And I feel I need to write a bit more about myself. Or what I’m doing lately, at least, or what I’m trying to do.


I still have long way to go to read my stacks and piles of books. Physical ones and ebooks. I’m currently on the way of reading and re-reading my favorite writers books like Tanith Lee and lots of others. I’m also interested in writing in general, and very much so in writing fantasy. So, I’m reading Tolkien’s books behind The Lord of the Rings and listening to the online lectures of  The Tolkien Professor. I’m trying to catch up with them, actually. It requires some reading too.






3 thoughts on “I’m back! Or I hope I can say so.

  1. It’s great to see you trying to write everyday! (It’s more than I can say). Do enjoy your reading quest ;). I look forward to hearing more from you.

      • You’re welcome. Thanks 🙂 Since it’s holidays for me I’m trying to read a book or more a day. Not sure how that’ll go.

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