Daily Prompt: Unutterable and Peerless


Write a post about any topic you want, but in the style of an author or a blogger you admire.


I thought I saw this one before. I really wanted to try it but it’s so difficult for non-native speakers. I actually did write a very short, mock Cthulhu stuff before, when I was a student, I think. I loved, and still love, H. P. Lovecraft. But, not his followers. His wording is unique, you know. Like, unmentionable, unnamable, unutterable. Back then I just read his books in translation, and I have lots of work to re-read in English. After reading them all, maybe, or hopefully, I want to write something.

When I saw this or a similar prompt before, I thought I wanted to try something in the style of another of my favorite authors, Tanith Lee. I re-read the first four books of The Flat Earth this year, and descriptions about our peerless and unrivaled demon prince, and I assume you know whom I mean ;), were like beyond human description. Haha.


One thought on “Daily Prompt: Unutterable and Peerless

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