A Virtual Tour Of Japanese Shrines And Temples

I need this tour too. 😀


Miyajima shrine gate This post I thought I’d give a virtual tour of Japanese shrines and temples. I also thought I’d mix both in a single post, since that’s the way it is here in Japan. Sites can be both Shinto and Buddhist at once. I found that strange until realizing it mirrors Christianity’s spread in the west, where often, it was just layered over the indigenous religion. Local gods were given the names of Catholic saints and locals continued to worship as they always had, half-converted until a few generations later the old religion was simply forgotten and swept under the floorboards. Buddhism did the same thing, except it claimed local deities were subservient to Buddha and even had them convert. Some Shinto gods even assumed roles as buddhas themselves. Shrine gate   So let’s start at the beginning, the shrine gate. The gate serves as the physical and spiritual entrance to the realm of the gods. In the past, the wilderness had…

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