Daily Prompt: No Apologies


“What’s the one guilty pleasure you have that’s so good, you no longer feel guilty about it?”



I won’t say anything about my own guilty things here. I can’t. And there’s no guilty thing that I still remember and that I don’t feel guilty anymore. If I still remember it, it means I still feel guilty about it. Just thinking about my old childish mischiefs makes me feel so bad! We won’t forget those things. We are being punished like that, I guess.


There have never been any pleasure about this, but, I still remember when I accidently told a classmate a false pronunciation of a certain Kanji. I was reading a Manga, and he asked me how to read a Kanji in the title of the Manga. It may sound stupid but I was a good student back then. I was kind of convinced in my reading skill, and proudly told him the wrong pronunciation and the meaning. I came to know how to read it correctly later, and was so shameful. But I was concerned about my reputation, and I couldn’t tell him about it. He might have found it out  and might have thought me stupid, or he might have lost face by reading it in the wrong way but we didn’t talk about it.


Later in my life, I often talk about this as a funny experience, but having written about it here, I’m getting feeling guilty again. Sorry, my friend. Oh, it ended up like an apology!

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: No Apologies

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