“Neko nabe” – Cute cats napping in pots and pans 【Photos】

Firstly, I need to say I’m rather a dog person as always. But you know, there are so many cute cat photos out there on the net lately. I retweet time to time cat and kitten photos on my twitter because I know some of my online friends sure love them. And one day I was surprised a friend had thought I love cats! lol I can assure you in Japan it’s almost like everyone loves cats if you are browsing the Internet.


neko top

Anyone who has ever owned a cat will know of their fondness for boxes, pots, pans, and bags — if an object can in any way become a bed, fort, or platform to sit on, they’ll claim it. They are also, as cat owners will no doubt have noticed, at once both deceptively long animals (when they stretch out or are held vertically, they magically unfold like some kind of fur-covered extendable ladder) and yet can squeeze into some of the smallest spaces imaginable.

With that in mind, and because a) it’s the weekend and b) they’re just so cute, here’s a little selection of photos of cats making pots their own.

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