A letter to C. S. Lewis

While searching on my book shelves for some old printed books to read, I found I have a copy of C. S. Lewis’s “Letters to Children”. It seems I didn’t have time to read it back then. Or, maybe it just looked difficult to read?


I remember that when I started reading his Narnia books, I was planning to write to him. It would have been be my first fan letter to a foreign author, or my very first fan letter to anyone. Well, unfortunately, I didn’t know at that time that he’d already gone or that he had died even before I was born. Narnia was the books that first made me realize that they were originally written in a different language, and that was when I recognized the translator’s name seriously for the first time. But even before that realization, I think I was hoping to write to him quite naturally.


Well, unfortunately I don’t remember what I was actually planning to write to him, but I really envy that old “me”. Now that I know at least how to write somehow in English, maybe I can write to him here. 😀


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