Flowers don’t forget.






It’s my neighbor’s garden. Or what it had been when they lived there. The old couple have long been dead and their son lives in a big city. They used be avid gardeners, and these roses are the remnants of the plants that had been their pride and joy.


These roses reminded me of a legend in Japan.

Sugawara no Michizane, a scholar, politician and renowned Waka poet in Hei-an period in Japan, made a poem, when he was defeated in a political battle and left Kyoto to be relegated, lovingly talking to his Ume, Japanese apricot, tree.

It’s like this by my poor translation.

Do not forget the spring, my apricot tree,
even though I shall not be here with you then,
open your blossoms and raise your scent
to the spring breeze.

In the legend, his apricot tree flew after its master to Kyushu. Well, at least, he thought his Ume came to him when he found an apricot tree in Dazaihu, Kyushu, the place of his assignment.


Flowers don’t forget the season, and their masters. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Flowers don’t forget.

  1. Beautiful post. This is moving and makes me think of gardens in a new way. I can see the remnants of history that still grow in old spaces in a new way. The photographs are stunning. The colours come alive. I enjoyed this post so much.

    • Thanks. It’s actually a sad thing too. We live in the area which had thrived around coal mines before I was born. The nature is beautiful but some scenes are kind of sad. They give me lots of imagination too, I guess. 🙂

      • Ah yes you have transformed beauty into the situation. I grew up in Wales near a lot of coal mines. They have all closed now (long story!!!). Here’s to a great week. Your writing is so skilfully crafted. Looking forward to more posts 😉 🙂

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