My Blogging 201, Day 1: Something about my three goals.


I set my three concrete goals for Blogging 201.




I wrote about them at the closed place for the challenge, and I’m not going to make all public. But at least I can write something about my challenge here.




I’m starting to write about my reading. I’m planning to post the first one, in a month or so, hopefully. I added my Goodreads link widget. I think I have added all the books I read in English since I started reading them again a few years ago. I also want to learn to how to write about reading.




I’m enjoying writing itself here. And getting to know each other with my fellow bloggers. So, I’ll keep writing on my everyday thoughts, on things in Japan, to daily prompts, on my learning at MOOCs, or on some information that I think might be interesting to others. And photos too! I’d like to try to a bit more elaborate and to be more creative. And I want to make sure I have a bit more time for visiting your blogs too. 🙂





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