The new challenges just started! My very first draft.
I tried to reblog it, but it seems it’s not allowed.

I joined this challenge starting today.

“Today’s assignment: consider what you want to accomplish with your blog. Write down three concrete goals you want to achieve. ”

It’s already past midnight here. So I will need to write to it properly tomorrow, but I was just thinking about the same thing today.

I’m currently responding mostly to daily prompts. And fortunately it’s spring here, I’m also enjoying posting photos of flowers around here. When I started blogging here about two months ago, I just wanted to write constantly to improve my writing. I’m a non-native English speaker. So, to keep reading and writing are the best way to improve it, I believe.

I also wanted to interact with people who like reading fantasy novels like myself. I also hoped to write book reviews one day.

So, today, I was thinking about starting to write more seriously about my reading. About my favorite authors and books, at first. I joined Goodreads today, and I’d like to start reading other people’s reviews to know some terms.

I will write about more specific plans tomorrow. Now, good night! 😉

If you like to find a more basic one, check their new Zero to Hero, Blogging 101.


3 thoughts on “The new challenges just started! My very first draft.

  1. “I also hope to write book reviews someday…” Why not start now? 🙂 If you’re passionate about something, the best way to gain readers is to share that passion. Just pick a book or two you’ve read lately and review it…no need to wait until “someday”

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