Daily Prompt: In the Summertime, HOT Summer and Reading Summer!


Theoretically, summer will return to the polar-vortex-battered Northern Hemisphere. What are you looking forward to doing this summer? If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, what are your fondest memories of Summer past?




I will stay inside with the air conditioner on, and read. I don’t like to go swimming. I actually can’t swim. 😀


Basically in Japan, at least in most of the regions in Japan, summer is extremely hot. And at the same time, it’s extremely humid. The last summer was particularly terrible.



I live in Kyusu, the third largest and southernmost of the main islands of Japan. So, in a word, it’s boiling, meltingly, swelteringly, sizzlingly HOT and HUMID! Not in a word, haha.


Where is Kyushu, in Japan?



So, for Japanese people, and especially for people in Kyushu, an air conditioner isn’t a luxury anymore. People would die without one.


Last summer, I spent most of my free time reading on my Kindle in our cool living room. My house is exceptionally hot and humid, placed in the middle of the houses around it and on a bit lower grounds, like the bottom of a basin. So we had bought our first air conditioner a bit earlier than others.


And as for the last summer’s reading.


I don’t know any of you here had noticed about that, but there was a kind of a free kindle e-book sale in the middle of July, last summer. I saw some friend tweet about it, and I retweeted it. It was around noon here. I was doing something, and the title someone mentioned I already had. And then, another friend inquired about the tweet “Is it really free?”, and I replied like “it seems so”. Well, actually, the title was “The Lord of the Rings” in one volume. Then she replies, quite excited, “The Narnia books and a few of C. S. Lewis’ books are free too!”


Then I started checking the sale seriously. Or it’s rather honest to say “greedily”. 😀 There WERE lots of FREE e-books from Children’s books and fantasy and others! It didn’t seem an official sale, so we just needed to search for possible titles. Some people started tweeting what they found. Someone created a list at her blog. I was so busy downloading e-book after e-book. Almost half the day. Narnia books, Perelandra (Cosmic Trilogy), Out of the Silent Planet (Cosmic Trilogy)The Lord of the Rings(in one volume), Roald Dahl, Darren Shan, Ken Follett, Percy Jackson, The Giver, Alex Rider and more. All FREE. The sale was suddenly over twelve hours later.


So I decided to read the books I downloaded. At least some of them. And I read lots of Children’s books last summer. It’s a great way to learn English for non-native speakers. And that also helped me read a bit faster.


Now I’m busy reading my favorite books I actually bought, but I still have lost of those free e-books on my Kindle. So I hope to have my own, special reading summer this year too!


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