Daily Prompt: Green-Eyed Lady


We all get jealous from time to time — what wakes the green-eyed monster for you?




I won’t claim that I have never envied or got jealous of anyone. But I just can’t remember something jealous enough to write here.


I was the only child of my family, so I was kind of pampered. We weren’t rich and there were actually so many that I wanted but couldn’t get. But still I managed to persuade my father, often with tears, for some of the things I wanted.


For the things far beyond my reach financially, actually too many, I tried not to desire.



So, what would I be jealous of someone for? Well, I would be so jealous of the people who lived the same ages with my favorite authors. Say, C. S. Lewis. I would get green-eyes to those who could have write letters to him! I remember when I was so disappointed to know that he had been dead before I was born. I was actually planning to write to him when I knew the fact. I didn’t even know how to write to him though, or I didn’t know we didn’t speak the same tongue, haha.

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