The Shrine Of Japan’s Last God-Emperor

I visited Meiji Shrine only once. The grounds are so large, that was a great walk for me. I much prefer small local shrines but big ones are impressive too.


First of all, thanks for all the congratulations last week. We really appreciate it! ありがとう! Thanks!

Now, for the article.

Meiji's Ema

The Meiji shrine is in Harajuku, with an artificial forest damming it from Tokyo’s trendiest schoolgirls scratching around nearby fashion hub, Takeshita street. It was built when Japan still believed its emperor was a direct descendant of the sun goddess. Emperor Showa was forced to renounce the imperial family’s divinity after WWII, but that doesn’t stop thousands of tourists from coming to pray to his father, Emperor Meiji, who was fortunate enough to die while he was still a god.

The Japanese no longer believe their emperor is a god. Besides daily ancestor worship at the family alter, the butsudon, religion only happens for special occasions like births, deaths, weddings, and those hellish college entrance exams. So I couldn’t help but wonder if the tourists writing ema, prayer requests, believed…

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