Daily Prompt: I Walk the Line


Have you got a code you live by? What are the principles or set of values you actively apply in your life?




There are lots of my favorite proverbs, sayings, and quotes. I tend to like sarcastic ones so I’m not sure I have actually applied any in my own life. But I believe those are always behind me, or deep in my thought.


One of my favorite quotes or sayings in Japan is like, “unhappiness and happiness are the two opposite ends of the same rope”. I think it originally came from ancient China or somewhere. I think it means something like, sometimes a happiness comes with the face of an unhappiness, or what seems like an unhappiness at first turns out to be a happiness or it brings a happiness as well in return. Or the way around.


The first day of this month brought me an unhappy tiding. The loss of my earliest online friend. But at least she left me another friend. The one I would never have met if I had not known her. Her passing gave me time for reflections too.


Now cherry blossoms are blooming in Japan. I hope this sadness also brings lots of flowers!


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