Danger! Japan? Really?

Well, we are beyond your expectations I assure. In both ways. 😉


Danger isn’t a word we associate with Japan. They’ve got the radiation under control, though how well depends on how much credit you give the government. There’s a little crime, but you’re more likely to have your drink spiked and your credit card misappropriated at a Roppongi bar than face down in a ditch. When you live in Japan, there are internal dangers. That’s usually a very good thing because a little danger forces you to grow in the face of a country you can never quite understand as well as you’d like, but there are still a few things to keep an inward eye on while you live here.

Stopping Studying Japanese

danger study via mkhail

The only fluent non-native Japanese speakers I’ve met have been college students. Besides them, I’ve met a total of one lady, a Brit, who is completely fluent. Being fluent means working for it, which means

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