Writing Challenge: Writerly Reflections, rather my first try for this, how I started writing or what made me start in the first place



I’m sure I started daydreaming quite early. As I mention often, I was the only child of my family. For me, pre-school was kind of horrible. Boys were annoying. Some girls were like dictators. I often played my own game in my head, pretending to be smart.


I also liked watching TV. There used to be lots of TV programs for kids. Educational ones with stories and songs. Animes with heroes and adventures. I was always fascinated, and sometimes got really scared by the monsters.


I’ve been always filled with imagination. Soon after entering elementary school, I started reading books in the school library. And started making my own stories. I even thought of sending the very first story of mine to the TV station that around that time had been hosting a program of the world masterpiece stories for children. Back then I also got interested in the author of a book about a young female teacher and her twelve pupils in a small local elementary school in an island in Japan, and I started to aspire to be a writer.


I’m too shy to sing in front of anyone, but I like songs. I like the lyrics of Japanese songs. One of my teachers back in elementary school loved us to sing. He taught us lots of songs with beautiful and sometimes funny lyrics. We were always singing.





After I left his class to go to the next grade, I got really sentimental and started writing poems mimicking those songs and reminiscing about the days.



Oh, there are so many to talk about my writing and reading, I guess. And I just read the editor’s comment about Manga reading. I definitely have lots to say about that!



So I think that’s just the beginning and I’ll have to write to this some more later this week. Thanks for reading my rambling. 😉


8 thoughts on “Writing Challenge: Writerly Reflections, rather my first try for this, how I started writing or what made me start in the first place

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