Be Nice At Commenting

Thanks for sharing this.
I hope I’m not doing any rude comments. Sorry if I already did.

Anak Anugerah

A nice input on how to make a good discussion on blogosphere is posted by michelle on the post in The Daily Post.

from morguefile

If we comment on a post, and we just leave a link, without real comment, it could be called spamming. However, if the link is related to the post, I think it would be OK. It’s just like comparing our point of view with the one we comment on. But, if the link is just linked to our newly made blog, and even don’t share the same interest with the post we commenting, it’s could be called shameless plug.

Traffic, for newbie on blogging is one of the goal. Novice on blogging is longing for the visitor traffic indicator to rise up. They even don’t pray to a big number, just 10 a day or 50 per week is very encouraging for them. I am also…

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