A kind of review for “The Princess and the Queen” a ASoIaF piece, George R.R. Martin in “Dangerous Women”

I had pre-ordered the e-book version of “Dangerous Women” anthology by George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois (editors), and read “The Princess and the Queen” about a month ago.


Firstly, I’m a great fan of Dunk and Egg series,  set in the world of “A Song of Ice and Fire” series and about 90 years before the main series. So I rather wanted to read their tale.


Secondly, Martin’s piece, “The Princess and the Queen” in “Dangerous Women” is on the famous “The Dance of Dragons”, not “A Dance with Dragons”, the fifth book title. I also wanted to read about this great historical event in the history of the Seven Kingdoms. But this piece is more like a history book. I want him to write a longer version, even several pieces. I liked the part about the “dance” over Harrenhal of Prince Daemon, Queen Rhaenyra’s consort, and Prince Aemond, Aegon II’s younger brother.


Dangerous Women

 by George R.R. Martin et al.



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