My favorite stationery shop

Actually I wrote this for a writing class I’m currently taking at edX. I don’t feel like starting to write another tonight. So I decided to revise it a little bit and put it here.


My favorite place to visit in my city is a stationery shop. It has all sorts of papers, notebooks, painting materials, pens, postcards, letter pads and envelopes. You know, Japan is famous for its richness in stationery. I like bookstores too. But I remember I had come to like stationery stores and started drawing for fun, even before I was able to read and write properly. I liked the fabrics of papers, and while in school I liked to use cute notebooks to motive myself to study. Actually, for the past decades, I had been trying to stay away from the shop. It’s so tempting that I can’t get out of the shop without my wallet intact. But, last year, I started writing to my friends in a foreign country and came back to my favorite stationery shop to explore the shelves of beautiful letter pads and envelopes. They even have a special variety of them depending on the season, and they are always updating them. I don’t think I can live without this pleasure anymore.


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