Weekly Writing Challenge: My Valentine’s Story


“What’s your Valentine’s story?”


Boys, you might want to move to Japan. In Japan, girls give chocolates to boys on Valentine’s! 





I know that sounds strange. But, I’m not going to talk to you about my earthly loves today. Again in Japan, some people like to send chocolates and other presents to their beloved Manga or Anime characters. Mostly they just send the presents to the authors or publishers. Some just offer chocolates and flowers to their altar of their loved character in their own room or living room. I mean, just a picture stand or a figure doll. That way they can eat the chocolate later. 😀


I know, I know what you want to say, but Japan was the first country in which some funs attended an Anime character’s funeral. In real. 



And my story. I started reading again my all-time favorite fantasy series last year, this time in English. I remember saying to my friends it was almost like dating again with my high-school sweetheart after so many years. It’s so unbelievable I had been living without him for so long. And now, another old love is asking me out! LOL It’s a very difficult situation. They are waiting for me in my kindle reader. Demanding to be read.

Okay, I’ll spend the day with them eating extra sweet chocolates. Nowadays we can select from many even at a convenience store!


8 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: My Valentine’s Story

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