My Zero to Hero 30 Days: Day3 What eventually made me start blogging in English?

“Today’s assignment: write the post that was on your mind when you decided to start a blog.” 


I posted in earlier posts about what was on my mind when I actually started this blog. So I will talk here about what was the last and decisive one that made me decide to blog in English, after a few years of consideration and encouragements from my English-speaking friends. 

Have you heard that this year is Shakespeare’s 450th birth-year? I decided to take a few MOOC courses on his works and read some texts, and maybe, try some videos of his plays within this year. I’m currently taking this one, and there are some writing assignments. The professor also suggested that we write a few related posts for our personal blog-place. Unfortunately, I’m not good enough to fully understand Shakespeare’s original text, though I managed to read the provided text of Hamlet in English somehow. But his suggestion eventually made me think seriously enough to open my blog in English.


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