My Zero to Hero 30 Days: Day2 What’s my name? About my name, the name of my blog and my intention here

Today’s assignment is “edit your title and tagline, and flesh them out more in a widget”. Well, I think that’s a difficult one. The name of my blog here is “seikaiha’s” until I rename it after this post.

First of all, my name for here is “seikaiha”. I’ve been using this as my online nickname for several years. It’s a Japanese word. I got it from the name of a certain character’s horse in one of my favorite books. It was kind of a renowned name for great warhorses in old days. “Sei-kai-ha”, also pronounced like “Sei-gai-ha”, basically means a wave-like pattern like this for Kimono.

It is said that the pattern originally came from China. In Japan, it was also used for garments for “Gagaku”, ancient imperial court music and dances, in Hei-an era, like in “The Tale of Genji”. Because of this there is a Gagaku play called “Seigaiha”, too.

As I said yeasterday’s post, I’d like to write about my thinking and favorite topics like books. I also like writing. So, I want to do some practice here, but I don’t want to think of you just that way. I don’t like to put a name like “Seikaiha’s Writing Challenge” on my blog. So, it’s a difficult task again.

I’ll just name here “seikaiha’s blah-blah-blah”.

It’s not a joke. I mean it!
If you are new here, check the Day1 on myself and this blog.


3 thoughts on “My Zero to Hero 30 Days: Day2 What’s my name? About my name, the name of my blog and my intention here

  1. I’m struggling with a more permanent name for my blog too 😦 I like the uniqueness of the name you have and I also like the explanation. Maybe a picture would help bring the theme to life. I also like what you said in the post where you introduced yourself. I’m on my iPhone right now waiting to pick my 7 year-old son up from school, so I can’t follow all the links but I think I’ll check back later… I’m curious about Ray Bradbury’s 1000 word method. I loved Fahrenheit 451 (I didn’t think I would.)

    • Hi, thanks for your comment. 🙂 You are the first person to comment on my blog, aside from my friends. It’s morning here. It’s great to receive comments from people around the globe. I hope these interactions work well for both of us. Ray Bradbury advised aspiring writers to write “One-thousand or two-thousand words every day for the next twenty years”, in his “Zen in the Art of Writing”. I had read only this book in translation decades ago. I always liked reading and writing, so even if I couldn’t become strong enough to try his method seriously even in my own language, I’ve had his advice in mind. I still think writing constantly helps us think deeper, so I decided to write in English too. As for Bradbury, I read his The Martian Chronicles for Coursera’s F&SF class last year.

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