My Zero to Hero 30 Days: Day1 Introduce Myself

I already posted some, but I’m going to follow through this Zero to something process anyway.

Today is Day 1. Introduce Myself.

My name for here is “Seikaiha”. What that means I will tell you on Day 2. So just call me SEI-KAI-HA.

Like I said on my About page, I like reading fantasy novels written in English, am learning English further to better understand and read favorite books more, and like to learn to write properly to interact with other books lovers. I hope to find some new friends to talk to about books.

I’d like to try Ray Bradbury’s writing-1000-words-or-more-every-day method to become fluent in writing,

but struggling.

About my reading lately.

So, that’s it for Day 1. I hope you like my other posts too. Nice to meet you, and nice meeting you, or whatever!


7 thoughts on “My Zero to Hero 30 Days: Day1 Introduce Myself

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  2. This sounds great! I love fantasy as well and I read a lot too-feel free to rope me in to discuss a book you’ve read or liked 🙂 I’m pretty intrigued now, so I’m going to go have a wander around your blog. And good on you for learning a foreign language, I’m learning (read: trying to) Korean and Japanese and my goal is to read a book or watch a film without translations, and you’ve got there already! I’ve got a couple of other languages on the list too, it’s fun but pretty hard 🙂

    -The Ace

    • Thanks for coming. Nice to meet you here. 🙂
      I believe that having something to read or watch and enjoy, or something you just want to understand, in a foregin language is definitly the best way to learn it. Hang in there. We Japanese, and Koreans I’m sure, have lots of things entertain your life. 😉

      • Nice to meet you too 🙂 English is already a second language for me, though no one who knows me has guessed it is. You’re right, having a goal is what motivates you to learn. Haha yeah I know there’s lots to entertain me waiting 😛 Even more stuff than I can find with subs. I have a gcse in Spanish as well and watching movies in Spanish without subs was really rewarding, need to go back to it though since I’m a bit rusty. And once you’ve listened to enough music or watched enough movies and dramas you kinda get a hang of the language and some of the common things to say . Then there’s the writing and reading, and it gets worse lol You seem like you’re doing great with English so keep it up! What kind of fantasy do you like by the way?

      • You’re welcome. Learning languages is like a hobby for me, I don’t like language barriers-I read translations all the time because I don’t want to miss out on a good story just cause it’s in another language. And it’s better to learn it yourself right? I have Sanskrit on my list to learn too. I’ve given up on reading lists kinda-there are books that I know I’ll never actually read, I only note it if it’s the kind of book I’ll pick up and impulsively read. Because I’m moody about the books I pick. I’ll have a look at your too!

      • Sorry for not replying sooner.
        I was kind of busy reading, or finishing reading The Lord of the Rings in English.
        I was also thinking what is my answer to your question. Well, I admit we have many great translators. But after I started reading, or trying to read, my favorite genres in English, and I started doing that because I was so frustrated with the long delay between the original publication and the release of the translation. But after that, I sometimes feel frustrated with the different tones between the original and the translation. There’s a lot of difference. So I love to read at least books in my favorite genre if I know the language. And there are so many untranslated books out there.

        And, by the way, I love your icon! I love dragons. I really love Japanese and the Eastern dragons. 😉

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