I think I’ve been making stories as long as I can remember. Or I can’t remember any time at all I wasn’t making them. I like writing and I started to try writing them down barely after I got the way of it. It’s still so difficult even in my native tongue. The world of my thinking is too big to be written down. I have been feeling like that all the way after I learned to write. 

Now I’m trying to write in English. Soon after I started taking English conversation lessons online, I’ve been constantly rambling in English in my head. There are many things to talk about. I found a few favorite tutors with similar reading interests. I’m always thinking about what I’m going to talk to them next time. When I want to write something in English, or get some topic in reading or listening to something in English, I’m rambling in my mind in English too. Yet, thinking about something in our mind is one thing, but writhing about it is another. 

Still, writing them down helps me generate more thinking. So I hope to keep going anyway. Thanks for reading my ramblings!


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